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Prayer is a significant part of church life at Ark. We regularly have times of open prayer during meetings, focused prayer and prayer ministry after services and at home groups, as well as dedicated prayer meetings.

We believe that prayer is an essential part of the Christian life and is simply conversation with God. There is a weekly Bible study and prayer time, known as Encounter, and we hold a monthly evening of intimate worship and devotional prayer we call The Soaking. Occasionally, members of the church will be encouraged to engage in short seasons of prayer and fasting over particular issues or needs.

The Chapel has a prayer room and members have access to it any time, day or night. Recently, a group has organised half nights of prayer lasting four hours. These events are broken into half hour segments each covering a different area for prayer and are interspersed with worship songs. 

In the past we have also organised away days in order to hold prayer retreats. These include times of biblical meditation and silent reflection.